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Bird Proofing – Cape Town

Orbit Roofing provides fully in-depth bird proofing consultations.

Our experts ensure that you get the correct type of bird proofing for your property, we provide bird proofing solutions for your domestic or commercial property. Solutions include:

  • Bird Netting
  • Bird Wires
  • Bird Scarers
  • Bird Spikes

Benefits of Bird Control
It reduces the risk of damage to buildings by fouling, keeps foul smells away, keeps buildings looking clean and professional, keeps parasites and diseases at bay, reduces cleaning costs, it also reduces the risks of food contamination and accidents.

We offer consultations to property owners all over Cape Town and surrounds. For expert advice on bird control & prevention call Orbit today.



Frequently Asked Questions

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Amateurs vs Professionals

Buying cheap almost always ends up costing you more money, more frustration and leaving you with an inferior product.

Orbit Roofing Client Guarantee

We pride ourselves on good service with a guarantee of 24 month on Products and 18 months on Labor and Workmanship.